In the famous Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “South Pacific”, Bali Hai was a mystical place in paradise. The lyrics tell us that “Bali Hai may call you….” With VHR Travel, listen to the song, if you hear Bali Hai calling, listen and go. Escape, fly away, but go and unwind on the beach. That is what we do for you, we get you there.

The beach air will energize you, the warm ocean will refresh you, and the stunning beauty will revive you. There is no vacation as peaceful and relaxing as a trip to a white sandy beach. Whether you want the Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or California, allow us to get you there. Each extraordinary location offers experiences that will entice you. Take part in local tradition of dance, food, and ceremony when you can. Do as the locals do, and enjoy what paradise has to offer.

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