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Highlights of the Dnieper River

The Dnieper River tells a complex story that includes Greek, Mongol, Tatar, Ottoman, Cossack, Jewish and Russian chapters. Historic cathedrals and monasteries, Soviet-era monuments, museums and displays of legendary horsemanship, and music and dance enliven the river’s banks from Kiev to Odessa. Here are some sample highlights you will see on a Ukraine river cruise with Viking:

  • Kiev’s stunning cave monasteries
  • The acrobatics and skill of Cossack horsemen
  • The shining domes of Kiev’s St. Sophia Cathedral
  • Charms of a local family’s home in Kremenchug
  • Dnipro and Kherson, founded by Catherine the Great
  • Decorative floral painting traditions
  • Cossack fortress of Khortitsa
  • Coastal Kherson, “Cradle of the Black Sea Fleet”
  • Odessa’s fascinating Catacombs
  • Colorful collections of the Odessa Art Museum