Highlights of the Volga River

Russia’s vast network of waterways, the Volga and Svir Rivers and the expansive lakes of Onega and Ladoga among them, deliver you to a breathtaking collection of cultural and historic riches. From the stately Kremlin of Moscow to the sophisticated allure of St. Petersburg, here is a sample of a few highlights of a Viking river cruise in Russia:

  • The colorful onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Moscow’s artful subway stations
  • The Golden Ring city of Uglich
  • Tea and conversation with a local Russian family
  • Yaroslavl’s colorful food market
  • Art and culture of Yaroslavl’s Governor’s Palace
  • Kizhi Island’s magnificent wooden Transfiguration Church
  • The art of matryoshka doll making
  • The vast collections of the Hermitage Museum
  • A St. Petersburg ballet performance