Highlights of River & Ocean Voyages

From the world’s great waterways to its dramatic coastlines, Viking combines our beloved river cruises and ocean cruises to help you broaden your horizons even further. Best of all, no matter the ship, you will enjoy the cultural immersion on board and on shore that are the hallmark of any Viking cruise. Experience richer exploration by river and by ocean on one seamless journey on board award-winning ships. Viking River & Ocean Voyages bring you the best of both worlds.

  • More discoveries, from riverside villages to historic coastal ports
  • Cruise award-winning fleets of river and ocean ships
  • Cultural enrichment on board and on shore by river and ocean
  • A greater value: Fly overseas once for two cruises in one
  • Truly connect to your destination by river and ocean
  • Relax in streamlined Scandinavian spaces on both ships